4″ Sphynx Cat, Hand-Painted, Cat Statue, Cat Figurine, Cat Collectible, Cat Sculpture

Willis Judd, Cat, Cats, Sphynx Cat, Cat Sculpture, Hand-Painted, Cat Statue, Cat Figurine, Cat Collectible, Cat Lover, Sphynx

Adorable cat collectible, whether you own this breed or not. Grab a 4.1″ Willis Judd Sphynx Cat Hand Painted Statue Figurine for your home decor collection of cats! Also makes a fun gag gift or White Elephant party gift and comes in a box for gifting.

  • Sculpture of the increasingly popular Sphynx Cat
  • Extremely REALISTIC! Hand-painted to bring out the finest details of the breed, realistic eyes
  • Solid casting, unlike many others that are hollow and lightweight
  • 4.1” (10.5cm) by 3.1” (8cm), 150g
  • Checked and packed carefully into a box, protected with polystyrene, to ensure it’s safe and secure in transit. The box features our own unique logo and packaging making it perfect to give as a gift

Sphynx Cat Hand-Painted Collectible Cat Figurine, 4.1″

This lifelike sculpture of a Sphynx Cat measures 4.1” (10.5cm) by 3.1” (8cm) and it weighs 150g. Unlike some other sculptures, this one is not hollow.

Each Chapman sculpture goes through a detailed design process to achieve the beautiful figure you see today.

Once the design is finalized a clay mold is then hand sculpted, which is then hand cast in fine sculptures marble-like resin. Each sculpture is then hand painted, ensuring the finest details and breed characteristics are kept as accurate as possible.

Created for animal lovers, the focus of each sculpture is the lifelikeness of the cat ensuring all the finest details are captured.

The sculpture will be packed in a box with sufficient polystyrene to ensure no damage on delivery. The outside packaging features our unique design and this would be perfect for gift giving.

4.1″ Sphynx Cat, Hand-Painted, Cat Statue, Cat Figurine, Cat Collectible, Cat Sculpture for every cat lover, whether they own a Sphynx or not!

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