Cat Shaped Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp or Nightlight

Light Up Cat Nightlight, a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp with orange pink glow. Cat lamp with cord and bulb on wood base.

Click here to buy your own Light Up Cat Nightlight, a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp by Evolution Salt. Unlike your cat, this one won’t wake you up at 4am to be fed.

The gentle, rich yet subtle orange and pink glow of an authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp helps you fall asleep feeling snug, safe, and warm. It also works wonderfully in a dark corner during the day or night. Great for a table, desk, bookshelf, baby’s nursery, bathroom, or kids’ room — anywhere you need a little extra light. 

Each piece handcrafted from a Pink Salt Crystal mined by fair-trade, eco-friendly and sustainable mining practices deep in the base of the Himalayan Mountains, and so each lamp doubles as a wonderful cat figurine.

Our specialty animal salt lamp series (turtle, horse, elephant, kitty) provides an extra novelty to the warm glow making for a perfect addition to a child’s room, or as a special gift to that hard to buy for friend or relative.

Not just a cat collectible for cat lovers, the natural health benefits of salt have long been recognized as critical to our survival. Pure Himalayan Salt is naturally hygroscopic, collecting moisture from the air, which provides several healthful benefits: air purification, asthma friendly, humidity regulating.

Himalayan salt was once called “king’s salt” or “white gold” because its use was a privilege reserved for nobility. Roman soldiers were actually paid with salt, which is reflected in the word “salary.” Salt was more important for survival than gold.

More About the Light Up Cat Nightlight Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp:

  • UNIQUE HOME DECOR – The Himalayan Pink Salt Cat emits a soft orange and pink glow to accent any room in the home
  • SEVERAL STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM – Each animal design (turtle, horse, elephant, kitty) is crafted from salt mined at the base of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan
  • CALMING AMBIENCE – The soft spectrum of the desk lamp is naturally relaxing, stress reducing, and beautifully hand-crafted
  • ONE OF A KIND – Each Cat lamp is custom carved from single salt crystals so each lamp will vary slightly in weight and color–truly unique
  • READY TO PLUG IN – Each Salt lamp comes with a UL/CSA approved wire assembly, which includes a 15-watt clear C7 bulb

Light Up Cat Nightlight, a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp, works great anywhere else you need a little extra light. 

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